Michel Wegen's Photo Page
I'm a very busy guy, and I like to do all kinds of things. I like doing airbrush art, sculptering in clay and many other materials, and I make models for themeparcs, advertisement agencies, museas and other clients.
Actually, this is my daytime job, and in time we will create a website with more information and pictures about my work. This is a very small selection of what I do.
I've added some comments to the pictures. Click on them for a larger images. I hope you'll enjoy seeing my work. I'll try to update this photo page once in a while, so come back to see new pics.

Michel Wegen


These are some examples of mice I've made for a theme parc I have made dozens of different mice, and there are more to come.

Airbrush Art!
Here are some pictures of Thea's Volkswagen.

Another hood, this time a BMW. This one hangs on my wall as decoration. I have more hoods, but no space to display them.

Here is a project for a museum. This is a reconstruction of a Cave Lion, an extinct Big Cat. I've done more reconstructions,
like dinosaurs, but I have just a limited space here.

This girl is made out of glassfiber. No castings, just sculpture. This is the first livesize woman I've made. The next ones will be much better.

A few heads here.

Just a corner of my living room