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Because of current inflation, it is necessary for us to implement a price increase for all our products, on June 1, 2023. We sincerely apologize for this situation.
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NEW: Wegenpicks can offer you the service of making any tip on any Wegenpick at the thickness you desire. Now have the best grip and the best tip combined for your style in just one pick!

NEW: Online payment through PayPal .
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I'm Michel Wegen, professional model maker, run my own shop and usually work for museums, advertisement agencies, attraction parks, hospitals, et cetera. (See an overview of my work) In my spare time I like to study other people's problems and try to invent solutions. This is a very interesting and enjoyable hobby, and I am often successful in finding new solutions to old problems.

Gypsyjazz picks
The Gypsyjazzpick
One of these solutions was making picks for gypsy jazz style. And the picks are among the best available for this style worldwide. And what wonderful reviews I received on the Standard model, now called the Gypsyjazzpick. Please click on the comments link at the bottom of the page.

Gypsyjazz picks
The material I use is sounding very close to tortoise , but it is lasting much longer. The pick has a nice beveled and curved tip, so it makes a difference if you're right- or left-handed. Both sides have grooves for grip, and the thumb side is concaved with grooves.

My standard gypsy picks are 3.5 mm thick, 30 mm long and 26 mm wide. I've improved this pick just a few times for the better, and my customers and I cant think of any more ideas to offer a better gypsyjazzpick. I'm done here.
Price: USD / EUR 18,50 a piece. These come in yellow packages, and you can buy these picks also from people who have some stock. See below for addresses.

The Fatone
Actually this is called the fat-tone pick, but what's in a name. This is my new model pick. There is nothing else to compare with in pick-land. Its big. It gives your guitar a bright tone, and

Some Fatone picks
it's very loud. This pick makes you fall in love again with your acoustic guitar. You'll get a sound out of your guitar, so loud and sparkling, you never could have imagined is was in there all the time. This pick brings it all out. It's 5 mm thick,( Just look at the picture with the CD jewel case) but this Wegen-design makes it very easy to control. In the picture you can see the grip I make on the Fatone. It's very much like the grip I make on the Gypsyjazzpick.

Compare them with
a CD case
Get your volume and tones to a higher level. The Fatone makes a difference, you can feel it, and hear it even more! ( I hope you have a proper build guitar using this pick, it might fall off your lap in pieces.........) USD / EUR 19,25 a piece. These come in green packages For the time being, only available from me. Use the Order Form to order them today!


Model GP 250 (This is a project name, we'll think of a proper name later on)
For those who think the original 3.5 mm Wegen Gypsyjazzpick is just a bit too thick, we now offer the GP 250. This pick has the same dimensions and grip as the Gypsyjazzpick, but comes in a lighter gauge of 2.5 mm. Lighter weight, but the same great sound! This model pick comes in a 2-pack. Look for the picks with the white inserts. USD/EUR 27,50

A pair of Twins
The cutest of them all! Basically, this is a mini-Gypsyjazzpick, but what a performer. Don't let the dimensions fool you . Great speed, control, volume and sound. A solid winner and Michel's favorite. ( A favorite for many others too!)
Dimensions: 27.5 mm long, 23.3 mm wide and 3.5 mm thick. This model also comes in a 2-pack. Look for the orange inserts. USD / EUR 24,75

Bluegrass picks!

Bluegrass picks

These are the ultimate picks for serious bluegrass guitarists. After all, I only want to offer the best money can buy. My material just sounds great for bluegrass at a 1.4 mm thickness. We are continuously evaluating on grip and design, to improve the picks even further. Absolutely very nice ideas are coming up.

These picks are offered in a 4 picks package. USD / EUR 18,50 for a package. These come in blue packages.


Bigcity picks!

Bigcity Picks

In cooperation with Bigcitystrings.com we have developed this little jazz pick: the Bigcity Pick It's especially designed for acoustic jazz and blues guitar. (But it will also do fine on electric guitar) It's 29 mm long and 1.8mm thick.

These picks come in a 4 picks package. USD / EUR 24,20 for a package. Go to the Order Form to order them immediately!

M100 & M150

The new M100 & M150 picks
Look! New for mandolin players. Now a Wegenpick in the shape and dimensions most popular with mandolin players. These picks greatly improve a mandolin's tone and volume. All tips are beveled for left or right-handed players, so be sure to specify. Both models are in black and white.
Dimensions: 28.5mm long, thickness for the M150 is 1.5 mm, the M100 is 1.0 mm. This model comes with 3 in a bag. USD / EUR 18,50 each bag

The Wegen Trimus Picks
Research and development is what we like to do, and our new self-designed and self-made tools are helping us setting new standards in pick-land!
Trimus is the name for thicker triangular Wegenpicks, all with the beveled tips and the familiar grooved indented grip, like all thicker Wegenpicks have. The Trimus series are based on the most popular triangular pick shape and size, and we added the Wegenpicks features.
Hit the <Order Form and order them today!

Trimus 250
The triangular cousin of the GP 250. Great feel, grip, sound and wear . More suitable for playing solo, but feel free to make this one go rythm playing!
One each in the purple bag. USD / EUR 24,20

Trimus 350
The triangular cousin of the most popular Wegenpicks model, the Gypsyjazzpick! Great feel, deep grip, close to tortoise sound, and perfect wear. Did I mention the triangular Wegenpicks have great balance?
This pick will take you far in both solo or rythm playing.
One each in the sunflower yellow bag. USD / EUR 25,30

Trimus 500
The triangular cousin of the Fatone. It is fat. It is big. Is it a monster? (To create one, it is) No, this pick really shows what Wegenpicks is all about. Great design, heavy grip, and the best material we can lay our hands on. We make the tools for the job. This is the new beast for playing rythm for a long time to last. Show us your worn out Trimus 500 pick, purchased in 2003, in 2013, and we will replace it for free!
The Trimus 500 has the dark green package. Each for USD /EUR 27,50

TF 100/120/140
The triangular pick in the most popular shape and size for thinner triangular picks. All the TF Wegenpicks have the "fingerprint" surface, beveled tips for fast playing and seven holes for grip. No holes for grip is optional. The number indicates the thickness in mm. TF 100 is 1.0 mm, TF 120 is 1.2 mm and so on.
USD / EUR 18,50 for a two-pack.

New models
The following models have added to the Wegenpicks product range recently. Full information is not yet available for publication at the website: please contact your dealer or Michel Wegen for further information.
The Wegen 7
Twins 2.5
Dipper 1.0
Dipper 1.2
Dipper 1.4
Dipper 1.8
The Button
Bigcitypick 1.4
Bigcitypick 2.2
Trimus 425
Yeux Noir
Yeux Noir 2.5

The Production Process
Each pick is made by hand, so if you would like to have a custom made pick, please let me know what you would like.

Precision tools
I can offer picks in any shape, and in almost dimension. So, ask me if you have any special wishes, you won't be the first ( and probably not the last) who will find out that special picks aren't hard to get, after all.

Wegenpicks is always working on customer satisfaction: We now can offer all the Wegenpicks also in black. It's the same material, with all the same features. Please specify black or white on the orderform.

Making custom made picks can be a work of precision. If I you would like a pick to be exact 3.45 mm thick, 34.3 mm long and 27.25 mm wide, I can make it.

Ordering info
There are three options for obtaining your own Wegenpicks:

  • Your Local Dealer (view dealer list)
    Visit a Wegenpicks dealer (in real or online) to get your picks.
    Wegenpicks has over 50 dealer locations world wide!
  • Online order
    Pay and order online with a PayPal-account (quick and free sign up).
    Please read these notes first
  • Mail order
    Print out the Order Form and enclose your payment
You can always contact me for all kinds custom-made picks, but when you would like to order a standard gypsy jazz pick for right-handed players, it's easier to contact one of the people on the dealer list. The dealers marked with a have the complete Wegenpicks product range in stock.

The easiest way to get in contact with me, is to send an e-mail to the address michelwegen@wxs.nl. For non-virtual correspondence, I use my address below.

Michel Wegen
P.O.Box 119
7240 AC Lochem
The Netherlands

Links to Customers & Others
Many professional and non-professional guitarists all around the world use my picks. Here you'll find a short selection of links to their home pages and some other cool pages.